“they’re our Protection”

* make us famous

While jogging with my dog (on a leash, trained, and well-behaved), we pass some white people unloading groceries from their Honda future-mobile thing. I wave and don’t get a reply. 

Suddenly I hear “Stop running! Stop running now!” and turn around to see their two huge dogs sprinting down the street at me, growling and barking. I stop just as the bigger one leaps into my dog (who bolts- a lover, not a fighter), and the smaller one dives at my ankle. I fall over and kick the dog off me; meanwhile my dog is still being chased by the other one. 

The folks finally run up and manage to grab both their dogs. I’m still kicking one of them in the face as it continues to try to chew my leg apart. Their response: “Didn’t you hear me tell you to stop running? Don’t you look around for other animals while you’re jogging?” This guy doesn’t even make eye contact with me, just heads back to his car and says over his shoulder “You need to be more aware!” 

When I yelled back that they should keep their dogs leashed or under better control, they just shouted back “they’re our protection!”