all the cool kids are carrying knives these days.

* make us famous

Big knives, small knives, sometimes two or three knives, right on their belts. Not utility knives, mind you. Stabbing sorts of knives. Are they at war? Do they expect a knife fight? With whom? The other knife-wielders of their gutterpunk/traveler/burner clan? Does leadership in such a group require a knife fight, like amongst the Fremen in Dune? 

Experimental psychologists have noticed something called a “weapon fixation,” the tendency of a person to focus on a weapon when it enters the room. (The next time you see a cop, notice yourself turning your attention to his or her firearm). The citizenry of our beloved city will hardly even notice a face tattoo, but they will notice knives.  

Perhaps it is the eternal silent scream for attention of those who need to express their rebellious nature by dressing exactly like their friends. Only, the rebellion has become so commonplace as to have been hopelessly commodified. A weapon, though, that’s something.  When that becomes commonplace, they will, like smelling worse, resort to bigger weapons:   bows and arrows, or katana. After that, screaming random words in Esperanto. Perhaps lighting themselves on fire will complete the progression.