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In the near future, all humans will be under permanent, constant surveillance. It will be impossible to commit crimes without repercussion. These are the last moments of the human as individual: noble animal, distant cousin to the wolf, the nutria, and the whale. But what of all the cool crimes? What will all the vandals and thieves do? How will the postlegal troublemaker survive?

Fear not. If you are reading this publication, you are most likely a fool, and the law has no power over a fool. By definition, laws cover only foreseeable ways to fuck things up. A truly innovative fuckup is always legal! If you find your spirit cramped by this nations laws, that is not a failure of the legal system, but a failure of YOURS.

While selling ammunition to children will land you in jail, what law prevents you from teaching children to manufacture bullets? I’ll bet you don’t even know how to cast lead, and yet still you wonder why you can’t find your ideal mate.

Have you thought about putting photos of your friends in your underwear before you go out with them? No law of man prevents you from such an act. Better yet, use a photo of a someone you might be able to have sex with that night. Imagine the look on that person’s face when your fly flies! It doesn’t even matter if you’ve picked the right person, there will be laughter all the same.

Friends, the law has no say in these matters. That is because the law can never keep up with you, the creative troublemakers, the inspired fuckups.