I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of the “Pusher”

* make us famous

Pondering the extent to which this actually exists and what part of it is an archetype created by War on Drugs propaganda.  

I know that drug dealers exist.  And I know it can be a good policy in drug dealing to give free samples of product to introduce people.  I also know tricks like dropping off two ounces when one was ordered, and telling your customer to pay you for it next time - or give it back.  Relying on addictive human nature is a great way to make money.  Certainly any salesperson is a Pusher, and in my role as the owner of a social media marketing agency I’m always pushing.  I have another role though.  I moonlight as a sales girl at a bong shop.

Part of what got me thinking around this is that the big boss at the head shop gave me a talk about items in the store that he wants me to give the hard sell. Kratom was one of the focal items. If you don’t know what it is, Google it.  It’s a leaf from Southeast Asia, has an oddly stimulating effect despite being a μ-opioid receptor agonist.  It’s unique, legal, and has many good and wonderful uses including taming withdrawal symptoms from other drugs.   It is, however, habit forming.  People go to rehab for it.  There’s not enough research to say too much else.

I really took to the instruction and am pushing Kratom on everyone that walks through that door. I make commission off the sales. Creating a new daily Kratom customer becomes my singular goal. I find myself hot with focused frenzy and tantalizing pitches. It’s the wonder drug! It’s an upper and a downer! It’ll keep you up!  It’ll put you to sleep!  It’ll cure what ails you!  It’ll focus you and relax you! No comedown! All the energy of caffeine, none of the jitters! Great for users of all ages! All organic! 

I haven’t actually tried the stuff.