I was an anarchist in college, so obviously I had bad hygiene and was probably kind of annoying.

* make us famous

I went to the sort of public university where drinking is just as important as academics.  One time I was getting drunk at a party and started talking politics with this bro. He was wearing a yellow polo shirt but seemed fairly intelligent. He was the kind of libertarian who’s into free markets and fiscal conservatism but also drugs, atheism, and being cool with gay people. This basic political trope is just as popular among college students as anarchism, if not more so.

Our conversation quickly turned into a heated debate over anarchism. He didn’t really argue against anarchism as much as he argued against anarchists. In his mind, we were just worthless hippies. If we were serious, he argued, we would burn down some prisons and rob some banks instead of dumpster diving and smoking pot all day.

I probably responded with something stupid about how he doesn’t know what we do or don’t do, along with some worthless hippie shit about how bike carts and gardening are good alternatives to capitalism. The truth is we were drinking heavily and I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I do remember the bro getting pissed off. I amused myself with his frustration as I smiled and coolly delivered the kind of self-righteous retorts that make young anarchists infamously difficult to deal with. I was having a great time; his face was turning red.

What I do remember is a friend telling me a few weeks afterwards that, later that same night, libertarian bro got really wasted and attempted to prove his point that anarchists like me are worthless by breaking into a Catholic church and setting it on fire. 

He got busted while carrying out this propaganda-by-the-deed and was charged with a hate crime. I think his
rich dad bailed him out