Let Us Now Praise Food Stamp Anarchists

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We commend you, food stamp anarchists of New Orleans. You have found a way to subtly overthrow the state—by bleeding it to death!

You’re not at all like those boring, sincere French and Russian anarchists, for whom the crumbs of a corrupt state would be as foul-tasting as the banquets of the master’s table. They believe in self-sustaining communities, mutual solidarity, individual respect and a larger, human love.

It’s obvious these stodgy, black & white European anarchists don’t understand real anarchism, which involves finding a way to make the government pay for your appetites.

Until the state is smashed, why not allow it to give you $135 a month on a Louisiana Purchase card? Go ahead and raise your fists, food stamp anarchists! For you, at least, the revolution will not be hungry.