One day, two bourgeois scumbags

* make us famous

were sitting on the balcony of an ivory tower, eating apples and throwing the cores into a trashcan between them. Down on the street below, they spotted an old homebum who was also eating an apple. The scumbags saw an opportunity to argue about their political beliefs. The first scumbag, who was a Republican, said, “Look at that animal. He’s a fine example of what’s wrong with the world today. A cancer on this society. I’ll bet you my Hummer H3 that when he’s done with that apple, he throws the core onto the ground.”

The second scumbag, who was a Democrat, said, “That is utter nonsense. The poor care just as much about the community as you or I. His life in the gutter has doubtlessly imbued him with a sense of civic responsibility. I’ll bet you my Toyota Prius that he throws that apple core into the trash.”

But the old bum did neither. Instead he ate the entire apple, core and all.