* make us famous

If Hipster is the popularization of counter-culture, Shun Magazine is the prime example of a product designed to never be cool, no matter how superior its intended audience believes themselves to be, and regardless of the counter-cultures it envelops.

Within its home-grade laser-printed pages are barely-constructed ideas of shaming an unapologetic public for even daring to suggest that a proper publication requires staples along its fold, lest its pages come undone into a scattered mess*. Perhaps Shun Magazine could better be described as a pamphlet, or a program for a theatrical failure, transpiring before your eyes: a story between a man who worships oblivion and a man who thinks that maybe oblivion isn’t such a good idea, neither being entirely interested in either idiom. How they’ve fooled anyone with half a brain to write for them is anyone’s guess, but probably follows a doctrine that even the worst readership is better than none at all.

While the use of a rating system for Shun seems an exercise in delusion, as even half a star contains an unwarranted level of opulence, I give Shun Magazine: 3 issues before it’s either bankrupt or its creators get bored and fuck off. That is, if the laser printer doesn’t give out first.

If you must pick up the most recent issue of Shun Magazine, you’ll find it at your favorite bar or coffee shop. If you don’t see it prominently displayed, check the trash bin.

*SHUN is pleased to announce that it has acquired a stapler.