Straight Gay Men Suck

* make us famous

It’s not just about tourism. NOLA celebrates its own flamboyant gayness in parades, parties, and, of course, punk and hip hop music. Being gay or queer in NOLA is so cool that even straight people try to be gay. I mean, have you been to a punk show, bounce party or hell, fucking Mardi Gras? There are always at least a few queer-identified-straight-people, or QISPs, blue-balling their gay friends to look radical and impress the ladies.     

QISPs always suck. These guys won’t suck your dick, they just pretend like it because claiming a “queer” identity is a good way of nullifying male privilege. Feminist chicks might dig that, but getting pegged by your girlfriend does not make you gay, sorry bro. Entitling yourself to a minority identity that you never had to personally struggle with isn’t just annoying, it’s wrong, no matter how radical or punk rock you think you are.