Thanks for the prohibition

* make us famous

With an expediency that, by contemporary political standards, is stunning, the City Council of New Orleans took up, debated, and unanimously passed legislation to ban cigarette smoking in bars and casinos. SHUN praises the City Council for its actions. Occasional dictatorial prohibition has always provided New Orleans with its outlaw panache, and where there’s a business opportunity, there’s a way.

Citizens, behold the advent of the New Orleans smokeasy. Similar to the speakeasies of nearly a century ago, the smokeasy will accommodate the desire of smokers to go to a bar and have a cigarette with their $5 beer and  shot. People want to smoke. They want to smoke in comfort while watching a Saints game or playing video poker (still legal!). Or, they just got off work, it’s 2:30 a.m.; they and their co-workers have been on their feet for hours and want to have a strong drink and a smoke, listen to the jukebox. Above all, they want to do it sitting down.

You’ll have to be somewhat “in the know” to find the proper door to knock; have to learn the right password to gain admittance to the smokeasy. How romantic is that? You’ll take your smoking date to a fantastic, smoky place, hear amazing music and conversation, and smell it on your sweater for days to come.

No stigmatization, no standing around in the cold and rain just to take a puff: at smokeasies you’ll find smoking, toking, and drinking in a controlled underground venue.  Raise a burning ember to City Council. Those wise cats know how to keep New Orleans real.