The White Power Social Marketing Angle

* make us famous

I walked into a room full of computers and realized that 30 other people had showed up to interview for the same job. They interviewed us one at a time and made sure we knew how to log into a Yahoo chat room. We were each whispered the assignment: Get someone to say “Boston Baked Beans” in a chat room. Whoever was first would be hired. It was 2004.

I clicked on a random populated room and posted “range is broken :( :( anyone know a recipe for beans that uses oven instead?!?”

“Boston Baked Beans.”

“baked beans”

“boston baked beans”

“Boston baked beans”

I was not only the first to get the job, but the first ever hired within ten minutes, hired for my ruthlessness. This was a job that involved manipulating people to do or say things with a hidden agenda.

The first job I worked was a game about foreign terrorists attacking on US soil. My instructions were to seed references to this game into discussions about politics, terrorism, and the war in Iraq. They gave me the smart markets; gaming blogs went to the boys.

I successfully cut and pasted arguments, producing traffic that could be traced to back to sales for weeks.

I made an account on, the premiere white supremacist forum. Getting an account approved is difficult, but I pulled it off. I blended in for a week, and began to slip references to the product in every elaborate rant. I had the Nazis eating out of my hands.

“Ever wanted to fuck up a bunch of brown invaders on US SOIL?? You get to defend YOUR STATE from shitstain towelheads!”

The stern, amused, and bemused CEO arrives after a week to pet his champion. “No more white power forums, Zoe.” I’m surprised anyone is watching the logs. He thinks it’s hilarious, but somewhere, in a marketing meeting of some unnamed gaming conglomerate, very aberrant and unignorable statistics on traffic from racist sources were not going over well.

He covers for me, and promotes me for it.