You walk into the dungeon

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Dark thumping industrial music bleeds through the walls.  A tall, voluptuous lady sits at the entrance. “What can I do for you?” she asks. You respond, “I’ve never done this before, but I want to be dominated.” 

“I know just who you’re here to see. ” she says.  “Follow me.”

You follow her down a dark winding hallway, dimly lit by red lamps. Cries of pain and pleasure come from the rooms you pass. You stop outside of one that has a blue curtain draped over the doorway, fluorescent light seeping around the edges. 

“A session is $75” she says. You hand her the money and she pulls back the curtain to reveal a tall skinny woman in a corset with fishnets, garters, and tall boots strapped up to her knees. 

“This is Mistress Aila. Mistress, this is your new toy.”  She shoves you inside. The Mistress grabs your hair and shoves you to your knees. She slaps you around a bit, bends you over, and whips you with a riding crop.

“You are a dirty dirty boy!” she screams at you. You quickly stand up. “EXCUSE ME,” you say. “I actually JUST showered this morning. I take a lot of pride in my hygiene, and I refuse to be spoken to like this.”

You pull your pants up, walk to the front desk in a huff, and demand your money back. You hail a cab and go home. You get in your house, strip naked and head to the bathroom. You turn on the water and step into the shower, admiring your various soaps and shampoos and facial scrubs. Nobody can call you a dirty boy here. This is your kingdom.