Your final descent into madness should really Be planned in advance.

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After all, if it creeps upon you unexpectedly, it might go unnoticed--as madness oft goes unrealized by the self--and not be enjoyed as I feel descents into madness should be. 

The pressure is just too much, right? Since you’re on the brink of a psychological breakdown, why not divide your mental instabilities into a series of fun activities? Plan your itinerary, make a date of it, do a shit-ton of DMT, and just, quite literally, go nuts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Everyone is a Rorschach test. Just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind to every person you come into contact with.

Play Russian roulette with an empty water pistol. Try to get others to join you.

Wear an adult diaper and just let your sphincter relax.

Take a drink every time somebody uses a contraction and (sip) a shot every time someone uses the word ‘the’ (glug, glug).

Keep a box of sidewalk chalk in your fanny-pack and don’t hesitate to use it.

Wear a fanny-pack.

Have positive interactions with people who are wearing fanny-packs.

Try to explore each of the dimensions independently.

Try to explore other dimensions. Why does time have to be so linear? Haven’t you ever seen Star Trek?

Watch Star Trek.

These activities and many more like them just can’t be enjoyed by the sane, so who wants to stay sane? When creating your own activities, just remember that the sky’s the limit. Try to defy that limit.