Your Friend Rocco

* make us famous

I can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 hours, but I remember that the hotel was old and in a confusing spot, the sort of place people had hotels when there wasn’t yet a tourist industry: people just needed a place to sleep when they were away from
home. He was tall and thin and young and obviously ok. We air kissed and I sat on the couch. He sat in the chair at the farthest other end of the room. He seemed nervous. When he did some coke and didn’t offer any I was relieved. I hate being high at work but there are times when you can make a lot more money if you do the drugs. Nancy Reagan had no slogan for that.

He asked me if I liked Rocco Siffredi.  I said that I knew he was a porn actor, but I wasn’t sure if I had seen any of his films. I like saying films when I’m talking about porn.  When I get older I’m going to wear black turtlenecks all the time.  It became clear that the right answer to all questions Rocco-related was yes.  Rocco had the biggest dick, all the girls really liked Rocco, Rocco usually fucked a lot of girls at one time but that was satisfying to
all involved because he was his dick was amazing, and most importantly, we were going to watch Rocco movies.

That is what happened. He did coke on the other side of the room and we watched Rocco movies and occasionally I confirmed that I found Rocco very sexy. It has to be admitted that at a couple points I fell asleep, but I am pretty good at doing that on the sly, and I don’t think I got caught. About halfway in I took some clothes off because I have a weird Protestant ethic of giving people a fair deal. There was no comment about this. Rocco had a lot of sex with a lot of girls, some of which looked tired, but not Rocco!  My client never came, but he did most of the coke.

At the end I put my clothes on and he air kissed me and that was that.