Ken Christopher Hill

Our values

are unimpeachably pure and far more admirable than yours. The confidence we exude stems from a firm conviction that our worldview is self-evidently correct. Your uncertainty marks you as weak and lacking in moral fiber.

It might be time to write a purgative self-abasing confessional essay in which I bravely reveal my personal and existential transgressions, daring the world to respond with unvarnished truths and criticism that I might bask in my own shortcomings and own every failing as a perverse badge of spiritual honor while avoiding actual responsibility or the possibility of having been wrong in the first place.

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I always need to be the authority


in any conversation or social group in which I take part. It isn’t so much that I have wisdom, insight, and intelligent perspective to share so much as that I don’t respect other people’s beliefs or experience and simply expect them to defer to my superior personality and rhetorical megaphoning.

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