Kilian Laplace


The Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association recently replaced an historical marker at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Rampart Street. The replacement was lauded in the FMIA’s June 2014 newsletter, Les Amis de Marigny, with a caption calling for “a huge round of applause” for the two FMIA members who “picked up and installed the new marker.”

The new sign explains a tiny bit about the neighborhood’s history, including the Faubourg’s namesake, Bernard de Marigny, and a brief overview of the early inhabitants of New Orleans’ first suburb. As history goes it is next to useless, but more insidiously, it is identical to two other historical markers already in place: one on the Elysian Fields neutral ground between Royal and Dauphine, the other in front of the fire station at the corner of Esplanade and Frenchmen.

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When I realize that smoking indoors is Becoming an act of civil disobedience, the world makes me sad.

How I have watched episodes of Mad Men, looking through a dusty window, jealous as they offhandedly light up in a swank office. 

Nowadays, most of our smoking has been outsourced to the Pacific Rim nations, and not even the lowliest broom closet in the Land of the Free is a safe place to enjoy a lung dart. Under assault is the right to smoke indoors. Stupid places like New York and California have all but criminalized the humble cigarette, so much so that you can’t even smoke OUTDOORS anymore. This fascist shit is probably a highly effective strategy for helping people quit smoking, so fuck this. Smoking cuts people’s life spans, and people are generally assholes, so the sooner they check out, the better.

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