Zoe Platek

Zoe may be a bad person, but she's a good host.  

The White Power Social Marketing Angle

I walked into a room full of computers and realized that 30 other people had showed up to interview for the same job. They interviewed us one at a time and made sure we knew how to log into a Yahoo chat room. We were each whispered the assignment: Get someone to say “Boston Baked Beans” in a chat room. Whoever was first would be hired. It was 2004.

I clicked on a random populated room and posted “range is broken :( :( anyone know a recipe for beans that uses oven instead?!?”

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of the “Pusher”

Pondering the extent to which this actually exists and what part of it is an archetype created by War on Drugs propaganda.  

I know that drug dealers exist.  And I know it can be a good policy in drug dealing to give free samples of product to introduce people.  I also know tricks like dropping off two ounces when one was ordered, and telling your customer to pay you for it next time - or give it back.  Relying on addictive human nature is a great way to make money.  Certainly any salesperson is a Pusher, and in my role as the owner of a social media marketing agency I’m always pushing.  I have another role though.  I moonlight as a sales girl at a bong shop.

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